Going Live in Workplace

Share important information, get real-time feedback and keep your company culture alive with Live video.

Live video is a powerful way to spread information across your company. Whether you’re broadcasting team meetings, town halls, or announcements, you can reach the right people, from your remote or dispersed team to the entire company, all in one place.

And Live video is accessible, interactive and engaging. Automatic captioning and caption translations remove common barriers to consuming video content, and every Live video automatically posts to Workplace so people in different time zones can catch up later. Live Q&As allow you to gather employee questions and respond in real-time, and Live video polls make it easy to interact with viewers and gain valuable feedback.

Planning a Town Hall or any other Live Q&A event? Check out the Live Town Hall Playbook. It has everything you need to know to host a virtual event using Live video in Workplace.

How to do it in Workplace

Go LiveGo Live

Live makes it easy to touch base with your team and share updates across the company. Mobile functionality gives all of your employees the ability to create and engage with video content, right from their phone. So communication can reach everyone, from headquarters to the frontline.

Just go to the group of your choice and select Live Video from the post composer. Add a description to your video and click Start Live Video to begin your live stream. When you’re done recording select Finish.

Live video on Android phone

Caption translations and Live video captionsCaption translations and Live video captions

Make your live broadcasts more inclusive and accessible by enabling automatic captioning. When you turn on live captioning, Workplace automatically detects the language spoken and transcribes your video in real-time. Live captions are available for speakers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Urdu and Malaysian.

To enable captions when going Live from your mobile device, click on the CC icon at the top left of your screen, then select OK. On laptop or desktop, toggle on Auto-generated captions on the left side of your screen.

Captions can also be regenerated, translated and edited after the Live video is posted to help ensure accuracy and increase the reach of your video content.

Auto-generated captions for Live video on iPhone.

Host a Live Q&AHost a Live Q&A

Answer employee questions in real-time with Live Q&As. Live Q&As allow employees to ask questions and upvote questions shared by their colleagues. Questions with the highest number of votes will appear at the top of the Live video’s comments, and the Live creator will be able to mark questions as answered after addressing them.

Live Q&A on iPhone.

Go Live with Live ProducerGo Live with Live Producer

Live Producer interface.

When performance is most important, like town halls, events and important company announcements, go Live using Live Producer. Live Producer allows you to stream reliable, high-quality Live video straight from your computer or high-end production equipment and access new functionality, including:

  • Scheduling Live videos in advance
  • Sharing your screen during a Live video
  • Engaging with your audience using interactive polls
  • Monitoring the health of your live stream with key metrics and event logs

Screen sharing during Live video.

Live Producer will be launching in June 2020. Until then, you'll be able to go Live from your computer using Live's existing interface and functionality. To learn how you can leverage Live video to enable better internal communications, check out the following online courses:



  • Easily share Live video across the company using your mobile phone, desktop or laptop computer, streaming software or high end production equipment.
  • Make your Live video content accessible and easier to consume with caption translations and Live video captions.
  • Use screen share to showcase your work and present to your team or the entire company.
  • Gather employee questions and address them in real-time during your Live stream.
  • Interact and engage with your audience using Polls.
  • Monitor your Live stream’s performance and respond to issues proactively.