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Workplace Polls

Workplace Polls let you find out what’s really top of mind for your people, so you can grow your community by discovering what truly matters to them.

Measure employee sentiment with Workplace Polls

Polls can help you measure sentiment across your organization to get quick, helpful insights on how to improve your employee experience.

Enable cross-company dialogue

Use Q&A polls to enable your employees’ questions to be answered in real-time during a Q&A broadcast or in a follow-up post by your leadership team.

Make fairer, faster decisions

Throwing a great office party depends on everyone agreeing on the time and venue. Before you make that booking, do a quick poll to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Schedule team meetings

Post a poll with different meeting times and ask everyone to vote on what works best. Or use Workplace polls to pick meeting topics for your next team standup or video call to get answers even faster.

Improve employee experience and culture with Workplace Polls

Happy employees have a voice and know their opinions truly matter. Gauge their sentiment about company policy, meeting agendas, or where they want to go for the next team social.

According to the 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, companies saw a 9.9% increase in retention thanks to better employee experience and sense of inclusion on Workplace. Find out what really matters at your company by giving everyone a voice with Workplace Polls.

Workplace Polls


Go to any group and click ‘Write something’ in the composer. Click the bar graph icon and enter your question, then select the plus sign to add options. You can allow anyone to add options to the poll. To disable that option, click the ‘Poll Options’ drop-down menu and uncheck the box near ‘Allow anyone to add options’. You can also prevent people from selecting multiple poll options by unchecking the box near ‘Allow people to choose multiple options’. Finally, add your options and click ‘Post’ to share it with your group.

When setting up your live broadcast, click ‘Audience Engagement’ in the left panel and click the toggle next to ‘Live Polls’. Click ‘Create live poll’ when a box appears on the right side. You can add a question and include at least two options for your audience to choose from. Click ‘Add more options’ to add more than two options to your poll. When you’re done, click ‘Create Poll’. You can only launch one poll at a time.

You can't stop people from adding options to a poll that already exists. If you'd like to create a poll in which nobody can make changes or add options to the poll, deselect ‘Allow anyone to add options’ when you create your poll. Find out more in the Help Center .

"Workplace provided the ingredients of community building: helping people discover like-minded peers, facilitating questions and answers, organizing meet-ups, and running activities and challenges."

Joseph Tan

Deputy Director, Capability Development, GovTech

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