Workplace Access Codes

Deskless doesn’t have to mean voiceless. Access Codes connect your frontline employees to Workplace in a fast and secure way, so they always have access to key company information.

Onboard employees quickly and easily with Workplace Access Codes

Anyone can get connected in just minutes - whether they have an email address or not. Just send a unique access code via text message or by post, then enter it on Workplace to get started.

Access Codes connect your business from top to bottom

Your frontline workers should never feel disconnected from the rest of your organization. With Workplace Access Codes, they can use familiar and mobile-friendly tools to help them share their insights with leadership. And executives can trickle down their key information across all levels of the company, too.

According to the 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, easy access to key resources leads to 18% more time saved, as well as increased efficiency in learning and development among employees. Because when everyone’s on the same page, better decisions are made.

Access Codes FAQs

System admins can add employees by distributing an access code if they don’t have a work email address or mobile number. Click on the admin panel in the left menu on Workplace, then click ‘Settings’. Scroll down to the ‘Joining and access requests’ section and click on the edit tool next to ‘Profile Creation with access codes’ and ‘Profile creation with mobile number’ - depending on what you want to enable. Select ‘Turn on’ for each option, then click ‘Save’ for each.

If you’ve been given a Workplace access code, you can access your new Workplace account straight away. Get your access code or download the Workplace or Workplace Chat apps from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Create an account with your access code. On the login screen, select ‘Create Account with your Access Code’ and enter your 16-character access code. Create your username and password, then log into your account.

To generate a new access code for an employee, click on the admin panel in the left menu of your feed, and select ‘People’. Find an individual access code by clicking the ellipsis next to a user’s name and select ‘Get Access Code’. Send the access code to the user who forgot their information. They can now enter the new access code, confirm their unique username and set a new password. Find out more in Help Center.

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